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Book on Coaching in Asia

“Maximising the Potential of Future Leaders” in Coaching in Asia: The First Decade (2010)


Prof Sattar Bawany is one of the contributing authors for the first-ever book on “Coaching in Asia: The First Decade” which was published in September 2010 and endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith, the world renowned executive coach and best selling author, who is also a member of EDA C-Suite Panel of Executive Coaches.

Summary of Prof. Bawany’s Chapter on “Maximising the Potential of Future Leaders: Resolving Leadership Succession Crisis with Transition Coaching” is appended below:

Talent management and retention is perennially at the top of CEO’s most pressing worries. A company’s leadership pipeline is expected to deliver its “next generation” of ready-now leaders. The key to ensuring an organisation has the leaders it needs when it needs them, is to accelerate the performance of future leaders including high potential employees, so that their skills and leadership abilities are as strong as possible when they are needed particularly as leaders transition from role to role.

Transition coaching is a strategic intervention that encompasses the goals of executive coaching, but focuses specifically on addressing leadership transitions i.e. the issues faced by newly appointed leaders and/or high potential executives’ moving into leadership positions. Successfully assuming a new leadership role is often challenging and daunting and leaders must identify the right goals, develop a supporting strategy, align the architecture of the organization, and figure out what projects to pursue to secure early wins. The Transition Coaching is a proven, integrated and systematic process, which engages new leaders into the company’s corporate strategy and culture with the end goal to accelerate productivity.

Prof Bawany presented a White Paper on “Maximizing the Potential of Future Leaders in Asia” (based on the Research Findings presented in the Book) at a Plenary Session at the 2011 IPMC (International Professional Managers Conference) held from 24-25 January 2011 at Hotel Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Coaching in Asia: The First Decade” is the definitive guide to the principles and practices of empowering personal and organisational change.

The Book is available at leading bookstores across Asia Pacific and also on Amazon.com