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Leadership transitions The need to transition leaders is inevitable due to

Executive Transitions

The need to transition leaders is inevitable due to changes in organizational and business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or simply due to changing business and career-life stages. Whatever the cause of the transition, companies that care about their employer branding or employment reputation partner with us to provide support for employees as they begin their transitions to a new position, a new career or a different lifestyle. In addition to our work with individuals, our transition process management services provide support for executives and managers who must plan and prepare for transitions that affect their employees.

The Centre for Executive Transitions (CET), a wholly owned division of CEE, offers expert career direction, transition and coaching for senior-level executives searching for a job or considering a career change. Our career transition process offers comprehensive, high-touch services to help these individuals develop personal career strategies that take them beyond the next position and closer to achieving long-term goals.

Each executive’s process is highly personalized and is designed to match needs, timetables and desired results. Executives are introduced to networking opportunities, establishing a strong foundation for future career growth.

Career Assessment and Planning


Career planning is critical to the success of today’s executive who is seeking to expand current options for growth, development and career advancement. The program primarily focuses on calibration, preparation and action planning to achieve long-term career goals.

The strategic career planning process gives these executives an opportunity to apply decision analysis to the full range of available options, including adjustment to their current roles, advancement opportunities or retirement.


  • Hands-on, highly customized process focuses on action and accountability
  • Offers an alternative to traditional outplacement firms, featuring a comprehensive, personalized strategy unique to the executive
  • Focuses exclusively on senior-level executives, with services to accommodate their complex needs in different career stages
  • Provides sound coaching and career advice by Senior Executive Coach and Consultants with extensive years of experience in executive search and executive outplacement
  • Helps each candidate develop a career strategy that takes him or her beyond the next position, based on long-term goals
  • Increases effectiveness of newly appointed leaders or leaders assuming expanded roles

Executive Career Transition Process


We carefully consider senior executives’ diverse transition needs and helps them identifies appropriate career situations and evaluates opportunities.

The highly individualised support will include the following phases:

Phase 1 – Career and Marketability Assessment: Includes a career review with a Career Coach or Executive Coach. This interaction clarifies skills, interests, motivation and other personality characteristics that influence appropriate career directions.

Phase 2 – Marketing Plan Development/Personal Preparation: Focuses on marketing and preparation and includes setting goals, developing a marketing plan, resume completion, networking training, communication enhancements and interview preparation and training.

Phase 3 – Search Guidance and Management: The third phase of our executive transition management program includes customized career and search coaching, as well as consultation.  

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