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Research on leadership readiness on industry 4.0



Digitization which is the cornerstone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (also known as Industry 4.0) has an impact on all organizations across various sectors or industries. In each case, the impact is a different one which makes it essential for companies to have a good understanding and view of what they face and how digitization will affect their company: which opportunities can be seized and which threats have to be faced? (Bawany, 2018).

The impact of digital disruption has to be managed alongside the more general volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) operating conditions of recent years (Bawany, 2016). An ability to calculate and manage/mitigate risk will, therefore, be another key requirement of leaders seeking to propel their organizations into the digital age. Navigating a course through these difficult conditions may also force leaders to look at their individual leadership style and decide whether it needs to be adjusted.

Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has published a book entitled The Fourth Industrial Revolution in which he describes how this fourth revolution is fundamentally different from the previous three, which were characterized mainly by advances in technology (Schwab, 2017).

Research Objective

The primary objectives of this research are:

  1. To assess the current state of readiness for leaders and managers in leading their organization for success in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution within the highly Disruptive, Digitalised VUCA business environment;
  2. To determine the specific managerial leadership skills and competencies that are critical in driving their organizational strategy in this new normal.

As a way to show our appreciation, each survey respondent will receive the 2018 edition of the E-Book on “Leading in Industry 4.0” valued at USD75.00 as well as a complete, complimentary Research Report and CEO Brief Session when it is released sometime in the last quarter of 2018. The report will then be available to non-survey participants for a fee of USD150.00.

The Survey will take around 5-7 mins to complete. Please complete the Questionnaire below or click here.

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Please feel free to contact us in the event you have queries on this survey.   We know your time is valuable and greatly appreciate your assistance with this research.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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Leading in the VUCA World

Research on leadership readiness on industry 4.0