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About EDA

About Executive Development Associates (EDA)

Executive Development Associates (EDA) was founded in 1982 on the premise that executive development must clearly support the achievement of an organisation’s strategic objectives. If it doesn’t, don’t do it. It will waste the organisation’s time and money because it will have no significant impact. Jim’s 1983 Harvard Business Review Article, Tailor Executive Development to Strategy, represented a breakthrough in transitioning from education for education’s sake, to high-impact, strategic executive development. The article was one of the most requested HBR Reprints. In 1990, Jim’s book, Executive Development: A Strategy for Corporate Competitiveness was the first to chronicle how CEOs were using custom-designed executive development programs to set and achieve their strategic agenda and objectives.

EDA has always been a consulting boutique providing personal,high-touch service to each client. Our belief is that our consultants should have real, hands-on, business experience. We prefer to provide our clients with consultants who have worked in major corporations to design/develop custom programs tied to the business strategy and who had to live with the results. We aspire for our consultants to be experienced in practical business experience, not just academic theory.

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About the Trends for Executive Development Benchmark Report

In 1983 we conducted our first Executive and Leadership Development Trends Survey and the results were published in many industry magazines and journals. Subsequently, we have conducted and published the Trends Survey every two to four years and have updated the survey process by making it web-based and interactive. Beginning in 1990, EDA began conducting benchmarking surveys for clients and conducting research on other topics such as High Potential Identification and Development, Integrated Talent Management Systems and Executive Coaching.

EDA and Pearson TalentLens recently announced the release of the 2014 Trends in Executive Development Research. For today’s executives, the ability to develop a successful business strategy is no longer enough. In our complex business environment, the most successful organisations will be the ones with leaders who can create a compelling vision – and who can convey that vision to customers and employees.

This new reality was reflected in the key findings of 2014 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report.  A wide range of executives and human resource leaders, including presidents, senior vice presidents, chief learning officers, and heads of executive and leadership development, reported that the ability to create a vision –  and convey it to others – is now the single most important capability needed in the emerging generation of leaders. Continue reading press release. For copy of the Executive Summary of the Report, please contact us at enquiry@cee-global.com.

The 2016 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report which is used by organisations to benchmark their own executive development practices shows that the shifting markets and impact of technology are pushing executives to learn new skills and make changes in their approach. While the need for leadership remained steady, the new results indicate a slight shift in how leaders approach challenges with a new emphasis on cognitive readiness and a continued emphasis on critical thinking.

The 2019 Trends in Executive Development Report reveals shifting trends in the market and the need to re-focus executive development efforts. The top five most highly influential conditions impacting executive development can all be traced to the digital culture shock that companies are experiencing across virtually every industry. This change incites a new way of doing things and requires a fresh approach to leadership. Technology is shifting the world drastically and executive development programs must prepare leaders for leading in the new environment.

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Assessments for Selection & Development

Through high-impact onsite, online and custom-designed programs in the areas of executive and high potential development, executive coaching, critical thinking, talent management, and leadership, Executive Development Associates helps your professional talent rise to a higher level. Our programs combine scientific assessments for selection and development with world-class content delivered by seasoned EDA facilitators to help organisations build the capabilities needed to achieve their strategic objectives and accelerate their performance.

Executive Assessments are an integral part of many of our individual, team, and organisational services and most are available through our online assessment center.

EDA’s Leadership Effectiveness Survey® (LES) is a 360° multi-rater feedback process that provides experienced professionals with an opportunity to receive feedback on their job performance from the people around them – their manager, peers, direct reports, indirect reports and others such as customers, board members, etc.  The focus of the 360° process is on individual development.  Participants complete the survey via a web-based application.

The LES is most up to date for the current marketplace based on a researched model consisting of the following 10 competencies:

  • Communications
  • Personal Character
  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Team Orientation
  • Organisation and Time Skills
  • Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Functional/Technical Skills
  • Business Acumen

This model has the breadth and flexibility to provide and integrate a range of leadership perspectives, including support for organisational strategy, illustration of current leadership practices, provision of individual feedback, and information for group development decisions.

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Executive Development

Executive Development is a variety of activities aimed at developing the skills and competencies of those that have executive positions in your organisation.  Executives are typically identified as the top 5% of the organisation and/or those who participate in the executive compensation program.  Specific solutions for this audience include:

  • Custom Executive Development design and delivery
  • Packaged programs designed to develop a specific managerial competency
  • Action Learning Program
  • C-Suite and Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of EDA’s Best-Practice Solutions that delivers a one-on-one growth and development opportunity and produces real business results in a short period of time. EDA customizes coaching to meet the individual’s specific needs and matches the leader with the most appropriate coach. EDA also strategically links the coaching goals to the organisation’s business strategies. Sessions with the individual’s manager or board of directors are worked into the coaching arrangement to assure accountability to the organisation’s vision and organisational strategy.