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The Centre of Executive Education (CEE) is an award winning, premier network of established human resource development and consulting firms around the globe which partners with our client to design solutions for next generation of leaders who will navigate the firm through tomorrow’s business challenges. CEE has established global strategic partnerships with Executive Development Associates (EDA), International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) and Action Management Associates Inc. (AMAI) as well as a network of Affiliate Partners across the globe.

CEE faculty, consultants and executive coaches both globally and in Asia Pacific, are highly credentialed with extensive experience to help managers and executives who are being positioned for future career growth. They are authors, leaders, and each possess an enormous passion for the success and growth that executive development and coaching can bring to our participants.

CEE suite of executive development programs includes  executive coaching, leadership masterclasstalent management & succesion planningmanagement & leadership development, executive assessments,  executive career directions and transitions.

CEE together with our Strategic and Affiliate Partners helps corporate leaders and small business owners optimize their performance and accomplish their business and professional objectives. To maintain competitive advantage and sustain success in a fast-changing business environment, we believe organizations must identify, nurture, and prepare the next generation of high-performance leaders for excellence. To this end, our programs are designed to equip these leaders to support growth, execute change, and develop people to build high performance organizations – leading to increased productivity, exceptional business results, and greater profitability.

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CEE Value Proposition

Companies are increasingly investing in executive development capabilities among their leaders to maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and hypercompetitive global business environment. Strategy execution has been consistently found to be the #1 priority for CEOs and Business Leaders. Research have consistently found that leading organizations have successfully linked their executive development programs to achieving strategic results.

Today, the human resource development & consulting space is full of successful firms and talented people. What makes us different? We believe that what sets us apart is our use of insight to create maximum impact for our clients. For us, three words capture this distinctiveness: insight, impact, and trust. These words describe a virtuous circle that articulates the essence of our work.

CEE collaborates with clients, adapting various organizational development approaches to their specific business contexts. We design and implement tailor-made learning and organisational development strategies that greatly improve our client’s performance, increase market value and enhance organisational capability.

We develop insight into what drives value creation and competitive advantage in our clients’ businesses. Then, we work closely with our clients to convert insight into concrete strategies and tactics. The implementation of insight has high impact in the form of value created for our clients. When we deliver impact repeatedly, we earn their trust and build lasting relationships that serve as a platform for deeper insight and ever-greater impact.

There is an added complexity that finds its way into the mix of managing your business. The plethora of management theories, many of which are speculative at best, are changing with breathless rapidity. How can you implement ‘text-book’ solutions with long term goals in mind, if the ‘text-book’ changes almost monthly?

We take a collaborative, participate approach known as ‘Process Consulting’ where client and consultant learn together. Such an approach necessarily avoids pre-supposed solutions to unique contexts. The most basic thing we do is facilitate your learning. Because of this transfer of skills, we work ourselves out of a job, rather than becoming indispensable.

CEE global network of talent management and leadership development consultants and executive coaches has a strong commitment to partner with our clients and participants towards achieving their success.

Finally, as CEE is a global partnership and network of established human resource development and consulting firms around the globe, we offer executive development programs that our clients want in geographic locations where their do business. Clients tell us their needs, priorities and concerns and we provide cutting edge executive development solutions and the turnaround time in program development is very fast to ensure CEE programs are always current.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

CEE in collaboration with our Strategic Partner, Executive Development Associates (EDA), offers the following suite  of Executive Coaching solutions:

  • Coaches for C-Suite Executives –  for CEOs, Presidents, EVPs and Heads of Business Units
  • Coaches for Executives and Leaders –  for SVPs, VPs and all the way down the leadership pipeline.
  • Embedded coaches in internal action learning, high-potential or executive development programs to gain real-time exposure of executives.
  • Coach-the-Coach –  Internal certifications for internal or external coaches for a specific organization.  This ensures that coaching across the organization is aligned with the businesses strategic objectives and the coaches all follow a similar process.
  • Design and coordination of organization-wide executive coaching programs –  to ensure an effective use of the company’s resources.  Coaching levels are assigned with pre-set investment amounts.  Coaches are chosen and trained and processes are set for decision-making, tracking and reporting of development metrics.

The Centre for Executive Coaching (CEC), a wholly owned division of CEE, delivers arecognized certified professional coach training programme for individuals interested in entering the field of executive coaching, as well as executives seeking to become better managers and leaders as managerial coaches in their respective organizations.

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Executive Development

Executive Development

CEE has developed a series of expert-led series of powerful, contemporary, practical, and innovative programs draws on the research of acclaimed scholars and real-world experiences of executives and firms to help the participants resolve a new generation of technology-related management issues in areas, such as, strategic thinking, business design, leadership, product development, technology changes, customer management, change management, marketing, knowledge management and more.

For details of CEE Directory of Executive Development and Learn@Lunch Series, please visit here.

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Executive Transitions

The need to transition leaders is inevitable due to changes in organizational and business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or simply due to changing business and career-life stages. Whatever the cause of the transition, companies that care about their employer branding or employment reputation partner with us to provide support for employees as they begin their transitions to a new position, a new career or a different lifestyle. In addition to our work with individuals, our transition process management services provide support for executives and managers who must plan and prepare for transitions that affect their employees.

The Centre for Executive Transitions (CET), a division of CEE, offer expert executive career direction and transition as well as career coaching for senior-level executives searching for a job or considering a career change. Our career transition process offers comprehensive, high-touch services to help these individuals develop personal career strategies that take them beyond the next position and closer to achieving long-term goals.

Each executive’s process is highly personalized and is designed to match needs, timetables and desired results. We even help each executive actually identify and target appropriate opportunities and contacts, establishing a strong foundation for future career growth.

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Talent Management & Succession Planning

Talent management

CEE partners with your organisation to develop customized strategies to attract, retain, and develop your talent.  CEE Integrated Talent Management Framework ensure that your talent management system is aligned with the whole organization and is not just a function of HR.  Our team of CEE Talent Management & Human Resource Consultants are experienced with recruitment strategies, job design, competency modeling, and succession planning, and can help make your organization the “employer of choice” for top talent in your respective industry.

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Critical Thinking Solutions


The challenges that organizations face today are enormous: increasing global competition, emerging markets, technology, and the political and economic landscape. Leaders at all levels need to be able to think fast and act smart – often in VUCA situations that are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, where no effective policy or procedure. That makes critical thinking a real necessity. CEE in partnership with EDA offers a suite of services that build the critical thinking competency. Starting with the top of the house and cascading down throughout the organization, you will find a comprehensive solution to fit your needs.

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Personal Effectiveness Training

Micro Expression

CEE has developed an extensive series of professional development training programs for Sales, Customer Service, Leadership and Human Resource Management.

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Executive Briefing Sessions

The Executive Briefing Series are designed to be delivered over a 1-2 hour session and aim to provide leaders at all levels insights on how to transform and develop their leadership skills by learning from renowned business and political leaders – the men and women whose drive, vision and tenacity have created the great success stories of modern business. Great Leaders, by definition, have a vision that is not shared by everyone. There are difficulties and adversaries to overcome; they face many obstacles, including self-doubt, but preserve in the hope of achieving their goal. Their leadership journey reads like the plot of a novel.

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Learn@Lunch Series

Learn at Lunch

Order from Our Menu of Contemporary, Practical & Relevant (CPR) Business Topics

CEE Learn@Lunch Series will stretch the thinking of your team and motivate action. Choose one or more of our popular business topics or request a custom topic that zeros in on your current business challenge.

Fact: To do their jobs well, your people have to eat.

Opportunity: Why not fill their minds as they fill their stomachs with progressive new ideas on how they can be more successful in their jobs and business, all the while helping them to increase their professional skills, knowledge and enthusiasm?

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Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentation

CEE partners with clients to deliver Keynote Presentations as a powerful way to kick off their conference, retreat, or team-building sessions.

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For More Information

To inquire further about CEE Suite of Talent Management and Executive Development Solutions or for information about seminar fees and details, please contact us at (65) 6789 0977 or send us an email at enquiry@cee-global.com.