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CEE Program Listing - CEE Global

CEE Program Listing

CEE in collaboration with our Strategic and Affiliate Partners are offering a series of Masterclass and Workshops which are designed to be contemporary, practical and relevant to today’s multigenerational workforce.

For details of our suite of Executive Development Programs, please visit our Program Directory Homepage.

For the Synopsis of the much sought-after Series of CEE Leadership Development Programs Certified by International Professional Managers (IPMA UK), please visit here.

For the Synopsis of the other CEE programs listed below, please email us at enquiry@cee-global.com.

Selection of Leadership & Management Development Programs

  1. Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Strategy Map
  2. Talent Management & Succession Planning
  3. Change Management
  4. Career Management for Success
  5. Coaching and Mentoring
  6. Cross Cultural Communication
  7. Communication Strategies – Appreciative Inquiry
  8. Communication Strategies – Non Verbal/Body Language
  9. Conflict Resolution
  10. Creative Problem Solving
  11. Critical Thinking
  12. Delivering Constructive Criticism
  13. Developing Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
  14. Executive Team Leadership Efffectiveness
  15. Emotional Intelligence
  16. Executive Onboarding – The First 90 Days
  17. Facilitation Skills
  18. Managing Generation Gaps at the Workplace
  19. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
  20. Human Resource Management
  21. Relationship Management – Interpersonal Skills
  22. Leadership and Influence
  23. Leadership that Gets Results
  24. Leading and Engaging a Multigenerational Workplace
  25. Managerial Coaching Skills
  26. Mentoring Skills at the Workplace
  27. Managing Self, Managing Team and Managing Managers
  28. Managing in a New Economy
  29. Managerial Skills for New Supervisors
  30. Motivating Team to Success
  31. Negotiation Skills
  32. Office Politics For Managers
  33. Performance Management
  34. Presentation Skills
  35. Social Intelligence
  36. Social Media in the Workplace
  37. Stress Management
  38. Situational Leadership
  39. Teamwork and Team Building
  40. Transforming Next Generation of Leaders
  41. Virtual Team Management
  42. Winning the War for Talent

Selection of Sales, Marketing & Service Excellence Programs

  1. Achieving Service Excellence
  2. Body Language & Microexpression Basics for Sales Professional
  3. Budgets and Financial Reports for Sales Team
  4. Business Acumen for Sales Professional
  5. Business Ethics for Sales Team
  6. Career Management for Sales Professional
  7. Consultative Selling Strategies
  8. Coaching Sales Team to Success
  9. Communication Strategies for Sales
  10. Customer Service Excellence
  11. Delivering Performance Feedback
  12. Emotional Intelligence
  13. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
  14. Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  15. Interpersonal Skills
  16. Key Account Management
  17. Managing Service Excellence
  18. Measuring Results from Sales Training
  19. Media and Public Relations
  20. Meeting Management for Clients
  21. Negotiation Skills for Sales Professional
  22. Overcoming Sales Objections
  23. Performance Management for Sales Team
  24. Presentation Skills Made Easy
  25. Project Management Skills
  26. Proposal Writing Made Easy
  27. Sales Force Effectivess and Productivity
  28. Stress Management for Sales & Service Professionals
  29. Telework and Telecommuting
  30. Time Management for Sales Team
  31. Trade Show Staff Training
  32. Train-The-Trainer (TTT) for Sales Training Programmme

Selection of Personal Excellence Essentials & Productivity Programs

(also offered as Learn@Lunch Series)

  1. Assertive Communication
  2. Active Listening (“Ting” Way)
  3. Achieving Personal Success
  4. Career Management for Success
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Creative Problem Solving
  7. Critical Thinking
  8. Delivering Constructive Criticism
  9. Developing Self-Awareness
  10. Employee Recruitment Made Easy
  11. Executive and Personal Assistants Toolkit
  12. Generation Gaps at the Workplace
  13. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
  14. Job Search Skills
  15. Managing Your Boss
  16. Organizational Skills
  17. Personal Productivity
  18. Productivity Management
  19. Risk Assessment and Management
  20. Resolving Multigenerational Conflicts at Work
  21. Safety In The Workplace
  22. Supply Chain Management
  23. Success at Interviews
  24. Telework And Telecommuting
  25. Time Management
  26. Understanding Your Gen Y and Z Colleagues
  27. Work-Life Balance
  28. Workplace Diversity
  29. Workplace Harassment
  30. Workplace Violence