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CEO Advisory Services

The Changing Business Landscape

There are two things we can say with certainty about the future: it will be different, and it will surprise. Now, more than ever, CEOs and business leaders have to navigate unfamiliar, challenging times, a quickening pace of change, increasing expectations, and a rising tide of rapidly-evolving conditions. This new and different environment (VUCA) is challenging leaders to find new ways to lead their organisations and achieve sustained success. And, because of these circumstances, there is a thirst for leadership, yet leaders face a whirlwind environment laden with remarkable opportunities and daunting challenges through which to lead their people and organisations.”

– Prof Sattar Bawany et al. (2016)
Co-Author, ‘ 2016 Research on Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report 

CEOs face more pressure than ever to solve big, complex business issues in a VUCA business environment that’s ever increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. In this new normal which is being disrupted more and more every day, provide a challenging environment for leaders to operate.

  • We partner with Board and CEOs to help you to consider things you’re not always happy to think about – and sometimes provide answers that may be hard to hear.
  • Our focus is on the working relationships between Board members and the CEO and the CEO and his/her direct reports. We support Boards with sensitive and critical assessments of Executive Officers and offer balanced strategies to address performance issues.
  • What we offer includes confidential and discrete assessment against performance and provides executive coaching and mentoring services along development opportunities for Board members, CEO’s and C-Suite Leaders.
  • More often than not, we act as a consultant and sounding board for CEOs when it comes to issues which they can very rarely, if ever, discuss with qualified individuals.

The CEO’s task is to deal with an unforeseeable future and ambivalence with regard to the decisions to be made, coupled with the unavoidable loneliness and a certain degree of isolation from the rest of the organisation. In our role as sounding boards, we work with CEOs and other senior leaders, helping them deal with the specific personal pressures and anxieties associated with running complex organisations, which include decision making, interpersonal dynamics and leadership transitions. Highly personal and confidential conversations allow leaders time to reflect on the psychological challenges of their business, the interpersonal challenges of leadership and the dynamics of their management teams.

Leadership Transitions

For CEOs and their executive teams we provide For CEOs and their executive teams we provide a sophisticated assessment of the functioning and the dynamics of the team as well as assist in integrating new members into the team, safeguarding optimal performance at times of transition.

We assist CEOs and Boards in the succession planning process, advising throughout the often painful process of leadership change. In situations of planned CEO departure we assist the CEO and Board with their selection process to ensure both organisational and procedural justice is observed. In this capacity we may partner with a reputable executive search firm adding value by providing another set of eyes, offering an independent assessment of the candidates, which can help to confirm a Board selection.

We serve as an advisor throughout the succession planning process, focusing on candidate suitability, emotional & social intelligence and cultural fit with the company, management team, and family when a family business is the client. In those situations which may involve an unpopular and extremely difficult decision to remove a standing CEO, we  assist the Board in the process of leadership change and subsequently help in the assessment of prospective candidates, again paying particular attention to ensure their psychological, interpersonal, and cultural fit with the organisation. When indicated, we work with the new CEO in an advisory capacity to provide for a smooth and successful on boarding process within their first 90 days.

Our Advisory Team

CEE brings your leadership to the next level towards achieving peak performance with our suite of internationally recognized scientifically-driven assessment capabilities, executive coaching, and on-boarding and objective succession planning advice.

Our panel of experienced consultants around the region specialize in leadership advisory. These experts understand that selecting and developing the right leaders is the single best way to help organisations, of all shapes and sizes, achieve maximum impact and economic value.

Our highly qualified team combined with our global connectivity and understanding of contemporary business issues and challenges, inspire us to ask better questions. We then create innovative answers and insights that challenge the status quo and help you think differently about your long-term vision, purpose and performance. Together, we help you achieve transformations in process, profit and purpose to design better outcomes and realize long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.


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