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Executive Assessments

Executive Assessments

Assessments for Selection & Development of High Potentials

Succession planning is not only about determining who will lead your organisation into the future. It’s about identifying which key positions (not just leadership positions) are at risk and then developing pools of talent that are ready to be drawn from at any time for any reason. Executive succession plans are a must, but it’s imperative for companies to have an organisation-wide succession plan to build a crucial pipeline of key talent across all departments, functions and locations.

Having a skilled and talented workforce is important for success, but it’s what you do with your talent (i.e., how you develop and prepare them) that is critical for optimal succession planning. This is where talent readiness comes into play — the concept of identifying criteria that determine if an individual is prepared to assume a new position.

High-potential employees embody passion and are characterized by a quick movement through various roles in a company, a carefully monitored career path, and an elite, but usually secretive, status. As the future leaders of their organisations, high-potentials slide into new positions, receive special coaching and mentoring, and are expected to deliver superior performances.

If you’re not sure how to begin building your talent pipeline, here are the recommended proven tools and assessments that can help you accurately identify leaders, top performers, and loyal staffers — and establish developmental opportunities that will drive benefits for the individual and for your organisation:

1) Hogan Suite of Assessments (HPI, HDS & MVPI)

2) Hogan EQ Assessments

3) BarOn EQ-i® Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment

4) BarOn EQ-360® Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment

5) Extended DISC® Communication Profiling Assessment

6) Extended DISC®  Team Analysis Profiling Assessment

7) MBTI® Personality Assessments

8) TalentLens Watson Glaser™ II Critical Thinking Appraisal

9) TalentLens My Thinking Styles™ Assessment

10) MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ (LEA) Assessment

11) EDA Leadership Effectiveness Survey® (LES) Assessment

12) SCORE™ High Performance Team Effectiveness Assessment

13) Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) Assessments

14) Harrison Assessments

For a copy of the above Sample Report for any of the above Assessments, please submit your request here.


EDA Suite of Executive Assessments for Selection & Development

Through high-impact onsite, online and custom-designed programs in the areas of executive and high potential development, executive coaching, critical thinking, talent management, and leadership, Executive Development Associates helps your professional talent rise to a higher level. Our programs combine scientific assessments for selection and development with world-class content delivered by seasoned EDA facilitators to help organisations build the capabilities needed to achieve their strategic objectives and accelerate their performance.

Executive Assessments are an integral part of many of our individual, team, and organisational services and most are available through our online assessment center.

EDA’s Leadership Effectiveness Survey®(LES) is a 360° multi-rater feedback process that provides experienced professionals with an opportunity to receive feedback on their job performance from the people around them – their manager, peers, direct reports, indirect reports and others such as customers, board members, etc.  The focus of the 360° process is on individual development.  Participants complete the survey via a web-based application.

The LES III 360 is most up to date for the current marketplace based on a researched model consisting of the following 10 best practice leadership competencies:

  • Communications
  • Personal Character
  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Team Orientation
  • Organisation and Time Skills
  • Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Functional/Technical Skills
  • Business Acumen

This model has the breadth and flexibility to provide and integrate a range of leadership perspectives, including support for organisational strategy, illustration of current leadership practices, provision of individual feedback, and information for group development decisions.

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