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Influence Without Authority - CEE Global

Program 6 :Influence Without Authority


Impact and Influence is the ability to create the right impressions that leads to support from others and results in accomplishment of the business outcome. The ability to apply the skills of persuasion and influence is particularly important in situations where there is no clear “ownership” of the issues that may be the focus for the discussions. It is easy to recognise this in people, as we observe an executive maturity and presence, the skills of strategic planning, in a thoughtful manner. There are no tricks or secrets to this formula, it is built solely on credibility built and earned, through understanding in a deeper way, the needs and expectations of others in situations like this.

The way others interpret our actions and behaviour can tell us lots about the person more so than about us. This is important as if can understand how other interpret the world around them (the work context), we are therefore able to modify and adapt our own behaviours to accommodate them and help them get the most from us. It is a win-win. An alignment of behaviour to priorities.

A key to this is being able to understand and appreciate the motivations based on decision making styles, of others, in this workplace context. This ability to “read people”, through for example understanding their decision making style and then being in a position to persuade As human beings, we share the same motivations regardless of culture and geographies. This seminar will introduce participants a motivation framework, and through a self-assessment, participants can begin to review their stakeholder map, and identify the motives of those important relationships. By examining the styles of decision making, we can determine how these may be influenced by both emotion and reason decision is influenced by both reason and emotion. Rather than focusing too much on the content of our proposal or argument or position, we need to focus on how we deliver that message. Success is higher when we identify who the decision maker is in a situation and then tailor our arguments and proposal to that person’s decision making style.

Honing the skills and techniques for impact and influence has direct application to managing and leading without direct authority: where engaging and leading others through change activities in a typically matrixed organisation, are often prevalent and present tough challenges for those in the role of being the coordinator and link between and across functions.

There is not impact without influence. Through exploring the roots of influence and making it conscious, we are able to manage ourselves better and with practice, hone the craft of making the desired impact we want to have with others, in any context.

As professionals in the workplace, leaders and team members our prime accountability is to achieve results through the coordinated efforts, actions and support of others. Often we have had to rely on hierarchy in the past to achieve this.

These days however, managing “upwards” and influencing without authority is the standard and norm. We often need to influence the behaviour and decision making of colleagues, direct reports and superiors and impact them in ways that they come to agree with our ideas and perspective. Whether upwards or sideways and with external clients or suppliers, there will be times when you want and need people to see things from your point of view.

Session Objectives:

This Briefing Session is designed to provide you with tips, techniques insights and opportunities to understand, plan and practice the art of building credibility with ours, regardless of your title or organisational level. You will have the opportunity to explore more about the foundations for impact and influence: your own style, values and beliefs about how this can be achieved authentically.

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