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Inspiring Your Multigenerational Workforce

Course Overview

Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being.

Today’s workforce can be as diverse as having four different generations working together, each with their own distinctive styles, values and belief systems and ways of viewing work-related issues. Multi-generational work environments can breed misunderstanding and conflict, and can compromise growth. However, if managed effectively, it can be a source of positive challenge, opportunity, and significant growth.

This highly interactive, informative and practical workshop will provide participants with a deeper understanding of what the differences are, how those differences impact their own perception and leadership style, how they manifest themselves in the participants’ own organisation and effective ways to lead the people in their organisation to become more harmonious, productive and mutually respectful.

Figure 1: The Expectations of Future Generations of Workforce



Reference: Sattar Bawany (2013), “Harnessing the Potential of Multigenerational Workforce in Singapore”, in Today’s Manager, Singapore Management Institute, Issue 2, 2013.

Course Outline

Session Outline/Activities
1. Introduction
  • Check-In & Workshop Objectives
  • Experiential Learning: The ‘S.C.O.P.E.’ Approach
  • Group Exercise: Current Realities at the Workplace
  • Video: Engaging the Multigenerational Workforce
2. Demystifying Employee Engagement and Productivity
  • The Business Case for Employee Engagement
  • Key Drivers of Employee Engagement and Productivity
  • Group Exercise: Role of Leaders in Sustaining Employee Engagement and Productivity
  • Case Study: Employee Engagement @ 3M
  • Lessons Learnt on Successful Employee Engagement
3. The New Realities of Multigenerational Workforce
  • Shifting Demographics in Today’s Workforce
  • Understand Generational Differences within the Organisation
  • Communication across a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Harvard Video: Managing Gen Y
  • Recruitment, Retention and Career Development for Gen Y
4. Leading & Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce
  • Impact of Multigenerational Workforce on Employers
  • Individual Exercise: Managing the ROI on Gen Y
  • Introducing the Next Generation – Gen Z/The Linksters
  • Harvard Video: What Motivates Gen Y and Baby Boomers
  • CEE Framework for Sustaining Employment Engagement and Productivity
5. Resolving Multigenerational Conflict with Emotional Intelligence
  • Importance of Communication
  • Tips for Resolving Workplace Conflicts
  • Individual Exercise: Self-Assessment on Emotional Intelligence
  • Harvard Video: Social Intelligence and Leadership
  • Group Exercise: Multigenerational EI Mini Quiz
6. Conclusion
  • Self-Reflection and Group Discussion
  • Individual Exercise: Development of SMART Action Plan
  • Conclusion and Check-Out

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this 1-Day Workshop designed for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors, each participant will be able to:

  • Discover what Employee Engagement and Productivity is and why it matters
  • Develop an Understanding of the impact of Employee Engagement on Business Results
  • Understand the Differences Between Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z/The Digital Natives
  • Learn how to Better Communicate and Motivate with Different Generations
  • Develop the Ability to Lead and Engage a Multigenerational Workforce
  • Develop a SMART Personal Action Plan to transfer learning at the Workplace.

Modes of Teaching and Learning

This workshop will employ interactive methods of teaching, including the use of video materials, published literature and articles, case studies, etc.