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Leading a Service-Driven Organisation

Learn@Lunch Series

Program 11: Leading a Service-Driven Organisation

We often hear companies saying that good customer service is very important for them, but in reality, actions do not seem to support that statement. We, as customers, do not care about back-office procedures and efforts, we just want to be noticed, served and that our needs will be met. Bottom line customers expect Excellent Service.

Often opinions differ on what constitutes a strong approach to customer service. There are some who would argue that efficiency is everything – providing the customer with what they require, when they require it without them needing to ask for it. Being positive and friendly in customer interactions plays a major part in ensuring that a customer walks away from the experience having felt that everything was done in a way that suggested the customer is valued.

Many managers forget that their front-line employees impact the level of service quality and eventually determine the success of the company.

Service Excellence means that it is not just about exceeding the expectations of customers, but primarily about delivering what is promised and dealing well with any problems and queries that arise. In other words this is all about the organizations being easy to do business with.

Delighting Customers – Who Are They?

A customer is, in this day and age, anyone who uses a service. Although this has its logical extremes – you will find few people who are overjoyed by the idea of being a patient to a doctor, or their children a customer of their school. Therefore everyone who relies on you to do a job that will have an effect on their life, their job, or their use of a product or service is technically one of your customers. Above and beyond that there are different echelons of customers – internal and external. These are always people that you will be well-advised to keep happy, so customer service is an important – indispensable, one might say – element of any job in which you have customers.

What Is Customer Service?

Customer service can be defined as any action you take to ensure that a customeris pleased with the product (physical goods or service) on a long-term basis. This includes “after care service”, which entails ensuring that the customer leaves the store with the productthey were looking for, and then has no problems using it. It is easy enough to ensure the customer goes away from the store with the product they had come to seek. Ensuring that they are happy going forward may require more care and attention, and this is where after-customer service needs to be at its highest level.

Establishing Your Attitude

Customer service means different things to different people. To some it means going beyond what’s expected of you. To others it means adding value and integrity to every interaction. To others it means taking care of patients the way you would take care of your parents or grandparents. We might all define customer service a little differently, but we can all agree on one thing: to provide great customer service, you need to put energy and enthusiasm into your interactions with customers. Great customer service begins with a great attitude.

As a result of attending this session, each participant will be able to understand:

  • What is Service Excellence and why is it relevant in today’s economy?
  • How to develop a service driven culture within your organisation?
  • How to enhance your emotional and social intelligence in serving both internal and external customers?
  • How to achieve sustained outstanding organisational results by leading your service team to success?