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Leading During Turbulent Times - CEE Global

Learn@Lunch Series

Program 5: Leading During Turbulent Times


Today’s turbulent business environment demands that individuals and organizations perform at higher levels and with greater speed than at any time in the past. Organizational leaders and team members alike must place a new emphasis on learning and the harnessing of individual and collective creativity.

The global environment is increasing the degree of complexity for organizations operating anywhere in the world. With it arises the need for a different kind of inquiry operating within our lives and organizations. The requirement for greater openness to uncertainty will challenge our sense of purpose, identity, and self-efficacy.

Leaders are facing the almost overwhelming task of restoring confidence and respect in leadership and business. They are being called upon to guide organisations through times of turbulence and uncertainty, to show the way forward and to set an example; and all this in the face of a recessionary global economy and in a climate of cynicism and mistrust – tough economic and political circumstances by any standards.

The workshop will include team effectiveness exercises which will offer valuable insights into the interpersonal workings of organizational units. Similarities and differences in temperaments and / or communication styles within organizational units establish opportunities for organizational strengths and identify potential organizational roadblocks. Aligning people is about generating awareness and understanding of the differences between individuals in the way they prefer to work and the way they make decisions or manage relationships. By creating a common understanding, a common sense of purpose and a shared commitment to action evolves.

Organisations need leaders to visualise the future, motivate and inspire employees, and adapt to changing needs. The workshop will.

Session Objectives

As a result of attending this session, each participant will be able to:

  1. Understand the critical role of the manager/leader in creating a positive, inclusive and engaging in a turbulent work environment
  2. Shape and influence those around them to think and respond positively
  3. Gain a clear understanding of how a group becomes a unified, high-performing team
  4. Examine skills necessary for motivating a workforce, resulting in more productive and engaged employees
  5. Learn practical strategies that can be implemented at their workplace
  6. Develop an Executive Leadership Development Plan

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