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Learn @ Lunch Series



The Centre of Executive Education is pleased to present a series of Executive Briefing on Leadership Development which is contemporary, practical and relevant to today’s business leaders.

CEE offers busy leaders and managers an opportunity to learn cutting edge leadership and business practices with minimal time and investment. The principles are gleaned from local, regional and global business leaders who have applied some of the same principles contained in leading business and leadership books with a high degree of success. Implementing even one of the ideas from these meetings into your organisation could result in huge returns for you as a leader and for your organisation.

Our strategic intent is to offer the organisations an affordable way for their leaders and managers to learn the various contemporary, practical leadership principles that are relevant to today’s organisations and will contribute towards development of their competitive edge. Research confirms that leaders and organisations need to be committed to on-going learning and development to remain competitive. What was the last leadership or business book or article you’ve read? How are you developing yourself and the leaders in your organisation? What is it costing your organisation in time, money and lost opportunities to be using ineffective or outdated practices? Make an investment in yourself, your staff and your organisation by registering for our Learn@Lunch or Executive Briefing Series.

We have developed a unique selection of programs designed to help you cope with the difficult problems of leading and managing the today’s organisation. These programs can be delivered as a 1-2 hour Learn@Lunch or Executive Briefing Session. These expert-led series of powerful, practical, and innovative programs draws on the research of acclaimed scholars and real-world experiences of executives and firms to help the participants resolve a new generation of human resource management issues in areas, such as, strategic thinking, talent management, leadership effectiveness and succession planning change management, organisation development and more. In these programs, the participants will learn proven techniques for:

  • Developing a sense of self-awareness of their strengths and areas of development
  • Maximizing their contributions as managers and leaders of their own organisation
  • Transforming their organisation/business unit towards organisational excellence
  • Guiding their organisation towards achieving sustainable competitive advantage


Session Format

These sessions will include theory, hand-outs of practical example deliverables for reference and to assist in learning, exercises, and reviews at the end of the session including a question/answer session that would reinforce key concepts and learning.

The Available Menu (Topics / Themes)

The following are our much sought-after topics:


Order from the above listing of programs or our Menu of other Contemporary, Practical & Relevant (CPR) Business Topics

For copies of Testimonials for the delivery of the above programs, please visit here.

CEE Learn@Lunch Series will stretch the thinking of your team and motivate action. Choose one or more of our popular business topics as listed above or request a custom topic that zeros in on your current business challenge.

Fact: To do their jobs well, your people have to eat.

Opportunity: Why not fill their minds as they fill their stomachs with progressive new ideas on how they can be more successful in their jobs and business, all the while helping them to increase their professional skills, knowledge and enthusiasm?

Next Step: Email us at enquiry@cee-global.com for a no-obligation discussion on organising such sessions for your staff.