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Sustaining Employee Engagement and Productivity - CEE Global

Learn@Lunch Series

Program 8: Sustaining Employee Engagement and Productivity


Governments around the world are committed to raising productivity to improve economic performance. As the research of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) has demonstrated repeatedly over the past decade, productivity at the sector level is driven by the degree to which companies are exposed to competition. Hence, the argument goes, governments should remove barriers to competition, such as excessive regulation, if higher productivity is the goal.

Future growth in Singapore lies in increasing productivity in every sector and innovation in serving export markets. But what exactly is productivity within the context of an organisation? What is innovation? Can these concepts be measured, what processes and skills are needed to become world class in productivity and innovation management? What can we learn from global players like Apple, Google, South West Airlines and others?

Employee engagement is a measure of productivity and management strategies to increase engagement have been hot topics since the original Gallup organization research was published. While most of the research identifies low levels of employee engagement in many organizations and strategies to increase that engagement for the purpose of improving productivity, the cause-and-effect relationship is not overwhelming. Rather, an overarching strategy of increasing employee well-being in which engagement strategies are incorporated, appears to be more favourable.

Organisations struggle with the challenges of effectively managing a more diverse workforce. These challenges often relate to variation in perspective, values and belief systems as a result of generational differences and are further complicated due to the age differences between managers and employees. The assumption – that people of varying ages will understand each other or have the same perspective and goals, is far from true. In order to be successful, managers need to understand and value the diversity resulting from generational differences, varying perspectives and differing goals.

An intensely practical program designed to accelerate the practice of emotionally intelligent leadership in managing a multigenerational workforce towards organisational success and sustaining employee engagement and productivity.

Session Objectives

As a result of attending this session, each participant will be able to:

  1. Discover what Employee Engagement and Productivity is and why it matters
  2. Develop an Understanding of the impact of Employee Engagement on Business Results
  3. Know Customers Better Than Themselves and Uncover Competitors Blind Spots
  4. Unleashing Employee Minds and Hearts
  5. Transforming their Leadership Style and Performance
  6. Develop a Personal Action Plan for enhancing their Leadership Effectiveness

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