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The Future & Role of HR - CEE Global

Learn@Lunch Series

Program 5 :The Future & Role of HR


Silos are inherent in organisations at both a macro level and a micro level (between levels, departments, and functions within the organisation). Such silos may have made sense at one point in the past but currently present great problems as we move into the era of accountability and collaborative effort expected by the various stakeholders including the public.

John Kotter, a leading expert in transformational change, has noted that “a siloed organisation cannot act quickly on opportunities that arise …” and goes on to note that silos cause breakdowns in communication and trust while leading to complacency:

Communication: It’s easiest to communicate only with those directly around us or those who are at the same level in the organisation. When there is little or unclear communication between groups, the right hand doesn’t always know what the left hand is doing.

Trust: Staff, understandably, develop loyalty to their immediate group. Without trust, we cannot create teamwork across an organisation, and without a team that moves quickly, organisations fall behind.

Complacency: In an organisation where people in different divisions have little contact with one another, it’s easy to become inwardly focused and complacent with the status quo. It can cause us to miss new opportunities.

Today’s highly competitive business environment demands that individuals and organizations perform at higher levels and with greater speed than at any time in the past. Organizational leaders and team members alike must place a new emphasis on learning and the harnessing of individual and collective creativity.

Teams have become a principal building block of the strategy of successful organizations. With teams at the core of corporate strategy, your success as an organization can often depend on how well you and other team members operate together. How are your problem-solving skills? Is the team enthusiastic and motivated to do its best? Do you work well together and resolve conflicts?

In most teams, the energies of individual members work at cross-purposes. Individuals may work extraordinarily hard, but their efforts do not translate into team effort, and this result in wasted energy. By contrast, when a team becomes more aligned, a commonality of direction emerges, and individual energies harmonize. You have a shared vision and an understanding of how to complement each other’s efforts. As jazz musicians say, “You are in the groove.”

Session Objectives:

This highly experiential and impactful session is designed to break down the ‘silos’ in your organisation. It equips you participants with the skills to look beyond their ‘patch’ and take personal responsibility for engaging in rewarding relationships with others in your organisation no matter their title or position.

The key to employee engagement lies in building great relationships and partnerships up, down and across your organisation. However, standing in the way of relationships developing is a lack of understanding and appreciation of how our position in the system (your organisation) influences behaviour.

By giving your participants the understanding of what it is like to exist at every level of your organisation – not just their own – the session forces them to look beyond their own ‘world’ and equips them with the leadership strategies needed to build partnerships across organisational boundaries.

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