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Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders - CEE Global

Program 10: Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders


The biggest challenge facing leaders today is the changing world that wants a new paradigm of leadership. The new reality involves the shift from stability to change and crisis management, from control to empowerment, from competition to collaboration, from uniformity to diversity, and from a self-centred focus to a higher ethical purpose. In addition, the concept of leader as hero is giving way to that of the humble leader who develops others and shares credit for accomplishments. These dramatic changes suggest that a philosophy based on control and personal ambition will probably fail in the new era. The challenge for leaders is to evolve to a new mindset that relies on humility, integrity, and collaboration – the hallmarks of Next Generation Leaders.

In essence, the heart of the leadership challenge that confronts today’s leaders is learning how to lead in situations of ever greater volatility and uncertainty, allied with the needs to deal with scale, complexity and new organisational forms that often break with the traditional organisational models and structures within which many have learned their ‘leadership trade’. So the basic assumption that past experience is the key for future leadership success is more open to scrutiny than ever.8

Transformational Leadership starts with the development of a vision, a view of the future that will excite and convert potential followers. This vision may be developed by the leader, by the senior team or may emerge from a broad series of discussions.

Whilst some aspects of leadership appear to be immutable (as captured elegantly in much of the recent work describing leadership authenticity), it is clear that one very particular leadership development challenge has to be met by today’s leaders if they are to be able to deal with the scale and complexity of change that will meet many of tomorrow’s leaders. We describe this as being able to make the essential leadership transition from the knowing leader to a truly inquisitive leader.

Importantly, it has been found that leaders can make significant personal transformations in these underpinning capacities, skills, mind-sets and competencies, given the right support. The relevance of this research has a clear read across the commercial, public and third sectors, and is currently helping developing leaders with remarkable results across the globe.

Session Objectives

As a result of attending this session, each participant will be able to:

  1. Learn about leadership in a manner that is strongly connected with the real world
  2. Develop a lasting improvements in the key competencies of transformational leadership
  3. Develop stronger capacity for inspiring team members to deliver their best efforts
  4. Raise their level of self-awareness and achieve greater personal confidence as leaders
  5. Utilize EI techniques for increasing their level of self-awareness
  6. Develop a Personal Leadership Development Plan


8 “Transforming the next generation of leaders” published by Singapore Business Review, 16 April 2012. http://sbr.com.sg/hr-education/commentary/transforming-next-generation-leaders-0

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